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News and trends » Xinhua News Agency:Speed Up The Construction of UHV Power Grid to Import Electricity into Shandong

Xinhua News Agency:Speed Up The Construction of UHV Power Grid to Import Electricity into Shandong

"I submitted the proposal which has been signed jointly by ten CPPCC National Committee members from Shandong Province as soon as I checked in."

On March  2nd,  Sun Jiye, member of the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of the Department of Supervision of Shandong Province, submitted the first proposal  by the CPPCC National Committee members from Shandong Province to  the Fifth Session of the 11th CPPCC National Committee -- Proposal Of Speeding Up The Construction of UHV Power Grid. It was also the key proposal from Shandong Province since last  "Two Sessions".

The imbalanced distribution of energy supply and demand has been a long-term problem in China. 76% of recoverable coal reserves are distributed in northern area such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia , Shaanxi , and Xinjiang, while 80% of hydropower resources are distributed in western area such as Sichuan, Yunnan, and Tibet. Land-based wind power is mainly found in Northeast China, the northern part of North China, and Northwest China. However, two thirds of the energy demand concentrates in the mid and eastern China, as well as coastal areas.

"The following consequences, like the transportation pressure of coal-fired power, frequent shutdown due to coal shortage, energy shortage in central and eastern China, have become the constraints affecting economic and social development," said Sun Jiye. Although the government has accelerated the implementation of the strategy of "The Construction Of Coal Transportation Channel" and "West-to-East Power Transmission", the current development pattern of energy and electric power still cannot adapt to the requirements of steady and rapid economic and social development. It has become an urgent need to transform the current energy development pattern to long-distance, large-scale transmission and a nationwide optimization of resource allocation.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, Shandong Province has maintained steady and rapid economic development, and the electricity demand will keep a high growth. The estimated annual growth rate of provincial maximum load and electricity consumption is 10.8% and 10.78% respectively. In 2015, the estimated maximum load will be 87 GW. Despite the development of various types of power plants in the province, around 26 GW will come from other provinces. Till 2020, Shandong will have accepted 32 GW power from outside the province. As a result, the application of UHV technology is particularly important in Shandong.

Since UHV AC and DC transmission technology has achieved a comprehensive breakthrough and the conditions for large-scale construction and operation of UHV power grid are already mature, Sun Jiye and other CPPCC National Committee members from Shandong Province suggested speeding up the construction of UHV power grid and forming the national backbone network of UHV power grid in order to satisfy the need for high capacity power transmission and to relieve the pressure of power demand in accordance with the principle of "Unified Planning, Combination of Long and Short Distances, Safety and Reliability, Flexibility and Efficiency, Advanced Technology, and Economic Rationality". It is also suggested to the NDRC to approve Ximeng - Jinan - Nanjing 1000 kV UHV AC/DC Power Transmission Project as soon as possible to ensure the project starts in 2012 and is put into operation by 2013; to approve the preliminary work for Northern Shaanxi - Jinan - Weifang 1000 kV UHV AC/DC Power Transmission Project; and to start preliminary work for Binchang, Shaanxi to Linyi, Shandong and Hulun Beir League to Qingzhou, Shandong AC/DC Power Transmission so as to put it into operation by 2015. (Wei Ran, Zhao Lin, Jia Ruijun)

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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