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Expo Introduction

       Smart grid usher in new opportunities of development under the energy internet of the big era

As the depth integration of energy technology and Internet technology and thinking, Energy Internet realizes the revolution of China’s energy technology and provide effective support for the sustainable development and economic healthy growth of energy environment. In the future, The construction of the global energy Internet has become a major trend of power grid construction and development.

Smart grid is an important development of the world power gird. Large scales of new energy connected grid needs strong smart grid as reliable basis, Uncertainties factors (such as fluctuation, intermission etc.) of renewable energy challenge for the stability of power system,  It can supply the accurate prediction and the improvement of reasonable control to all kinds of energy resources including wind energy and solar energy through the development of smart grid, the use of advanced automation technology, control and energy storage technology. Smart grid had laid a foundation for the intelligent development of global energy internet because it possess significant advantages, to support the development of large-scale clean energy, to meet the diverse needs of users, to achieve self-recovery of fault and improve economic operation. Smart grid will re-usher in a new historical development opportunities as the background of the era of the energy internet.

New exhibition hall Larger scaleHigher specification

As the largest and most professional smart grid industry flagship exhibition annually in domestic, Devis (CIGEE) was founded in 2010 and had development China’s largest smart grid exhibition for sever years. CIGEE has choose by many well-known domestic enterprises and the world’s leading enterprises to the main platform for product release, corporate image promotion , understanding their peers and contacting with customer. Meanwhile, CIGEE has become to the first choice as an insight into the direction of industrial development, access to information technology, visiting the new technology products, capture the global market opportunity and seek various answers to the problem by more professional audience.

The 7th China International Smart Grid Construction Technology and Equipment Exposition and The 2nd China (Beijing) International Energy Internet Exposition will be move and held in China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) on June 6th –8th , 2017.  The organizers will create a larger scale, higher standard exhibition that has always been at the forefront of smart grid industry event by aggregate all resources of the government and industry research institutions, business association, terminal purchaser in exhibition by exhibitors and visitors.

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