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Scopes of Exhibition

Scopes of Exhibition

 The energy of the Internet and information communication / intelligent dispatching equipment energy comprehensive display of Internet network operators, system integrators, energy information  fusion application developers, mobile Internet, networking technology, cloud computing, big data, energy hub, multi network fusion technology, fiber optic cable, energy, control cabinet, box / router the dispatching station / console, power dispatching automation and large screen display equipment etc.;

Intelligent power transmission and UHV DC transmission equipmentsoft / sexual intercourse, UHV valve, UHV series compensation device, UHV Transformer, high voltage controllable shunt reactor, the flexible multi terminal HVDC circuit breaker, high temperature superconducting devices, high temperature superconducting cable, flexible transmission and intelligent scheduling, intelligent monitoring and control, synchronous / reactive power compensator, thyristor controlled series capacitor, fault current limiter, state monitoring device, power transmission equipment, lightning location system, lightning protection, intelligent diagnosis and assessment of condition based maintenance technology, intelligent disaster prevention and simulation technology;

Intelligent variable /distributed/ user powerintelligent electricity transformer, GIS combination electric appliance, Sf6 circuit breaker, isolating switch, electronic transformer, optical transceiver, fault filtering device, substation security monitoring equipment, remote terminal, network security and network monitoring equipment, Ethernet switches, power distribution automation system and protection device, sensor, intelligent in the low voltage soft starter, intelligent ring network cabinet, high and low voltage switchgear, low voltage electrical appliances, relay protection, power quality, smart meter, smart meter / remote meter reading system, power meter, power equipment, replacement of shore power supply;

power of UAV and robot unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned VTOL aircraft, unmanned airship, unmanned helicopter, unmanned multi rotor aircraft, airborne optoelectronic pod, airborne laser scanning radar, infrared imager / ultraviolet imager, wire damage detector, ground monitor and control integrated security unit equipment or device, system, substation inspection robot, transmission line inspection robot, industry robot, power cable tunnel patrol equipment;

Distributed generation and micro gridthe distributed power connected net, micro grid PV inverter, solar photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic power cogeneration, gas cogeneration and gas distributed generation system, heat exchanger equipment, wind power distributed power generation;

Power storagestorage batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel batteries, lithium batteries, liquid flow battery, sodium sulfur batteries, storage cabinet, energy storage system, super capacitors, solar battery, power battery, pumped storage, compressed air energy storage flywheel, superconducting magnetic energy storage.


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