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News and trends » German Wind Power Rose to a New High


German Wind Power Rose to a New High

According to a German renewable energy website, German wind power rose to a new high last year. In December alone, the generation capacity reached 8 TWh, equivalent to one sixth of its annual output.

It is reported that in last December, Germany was rather windy and often stormed. But the extreme weather brought unprecedented results to wind power. Within four weeks, wind power generation reached 8 TWh, equivalent to one sixth of its annual output.

The report also said that wind power has become the top player of the German renewable energies. In 2011, wind power has accounted for 8% of German gross electricity. According to German Wind Energy Association's statistics, wind-generating sets installed in Germany have reached 22,000.

Apart from wind power, other renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, biomass and hydropower, have also made a great contribution to Germany's power supply. According to statistics, renewable energy accounts for about 20% of the generating capacity in the country, tripled than that ten years ago. (Reporter: Wei Aimiao)

Source: Economic Daily

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