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News and trends » \\\"2012 China Energy Man of the Year\\\" Liu Zhenya Speaks at the...


"2012 China Energy Man of the Year" Liu Zhenya Speaks at the Award Ceremony & China Electric Power and Energy Symposium

The Award Ceremony of "2012 China Energy Man of the Year" and the China Electric Power and Energy Symposium were held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on May 9, 2012. SGCC President Liu Zhenya was selected as the Man of the Year and honored the award by Zhang Yannong, President of the People's Daily.


China Energy Man of the Year is an annual public welfare event for people in the field of energy, initiated in 2011 by China Energy News and China Institute of Energy Economics owned by People's Daily. It aims to select those who have made outstanding contributions on promoting social progress and the energy development in China, honor the most credible Man of the Year in the energy sector, and encourage the industry executives and professionals to forge ahead and devote their enthusiasm to the cause, as to carry forward great individual spirit and foster iconic figures in the energy industry. The final winners are selected through three stages - primary selection, qualification evaluation and the jury vote.

Zhang Yannong mentioned in his speech that the power grid, an important component in the energy industrial chain, can optimize resource allocation, improve its efficiency, and support the acceleration of China's economic development transformation. He spoke highly of SGCC, which, under the leadership of Mr Liu Zhenya, has been constructing the Strong and Smart Grid backboned by UHV with coordinated development of grids at all levels. The company has made a series of achievements in optimizing energy structure, adjusting energy strategy, and promoting the sustainable development of China's electric power and energy.

The award ceremony introduced why Mr. Liu Zhenya was given the award and how he has pushed forward SGCC's scientific development, the transformation of electric power industry's development mode, and the sustainable development of energy. During the course, he has manifested his entrepreneurial spirit in search of excellent and in pursuit of outperformance, as well as his loyalty to serve the country.


In the speech themed as "the scientific development of electric power industry promotes the sustainable energy development", Mr. Liu Zhenya exchanged his thoughts and understanding on major issues of the electric power and energy development with the guests in four aspects, which are that it is an urgent task for China's energy industry to transform its development mode, that electric power should be the core to promote the energy development mode, that it is an important and urgent task for the electric power industry to implement the strategy of "One Ultra, Four Larges", and that large-scaled energy groups should be given full play in the transformation of energy development mode.

Mr. Liu Zhenya pointed out that there was no time for delay in transforming energy development mode as China's energy demand keeps growing and profound changes are taking place in the global energy pattern. A grand energy outlook needs to be established to promote the transformation of energy development mode. On this basis, we need to focus on the electric power as the core, adhere to energy development and conservation, develop both traditional and new energies, utilize domestic and foreign resources, optimize energy pattern and transmission, and innovate in technologies and systems. He emphasized that the key lay in the electric power to solve the prominent contradictions and problems facing energy development and promote the transformation of energy development mode. The electric power is "the next big thing" and the core-to-be of China's sustainable energy strategy.

As for the point that electric power should be the core to promote the energy development mode, Mr. Liu Zhenya said that the important and urgent task was to implement the strategy of "One Ultra, Four Larges". The key is to development the UHV grid, which not only provides the network for developing large-scaled power bases and optimizing allocation of energy resources in a wide range, but also provides the grid support for developing distributed energy and meeting diversified customer needs. The state grid in the future will become a modernized power grid, being both strong and smart, and able to interconnect all kinds of energies and realize efficient allocation.

More than 30 energy experts, scholars and representatives of energy companies attended the event and delivered speeches on China's energy strategy, energy security, optimal energy resource allocation and the promotion of the sustainable energy industry. SGCC EVPs Cao Zhi'an and Shuai Junqing also attended the event. (Reporter: Yao Lei. Photo: Du Ping)

Source: State Grid News

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